Getting your home clean, repaired, and ready for listing requires a lot of work, especially if you are a dog owner. The work doesn't stop at listing though, especially if you want your home to sell at the highest price possible. If you have a dog, certain tasks will be an ongoing responsibility in order to keep your home in top selling condition. These tips can help guide you.

Tip #1: Do Not Leave the Dog at Home for Showings

There are several reasons to avoid this. First and foremost, you do want a claimed dog bite lawsuit from a realtor or house hunter. Second, dogs can be a turn-off for some buyers and they can make some people nervous. A realtor may choose to not even show a home if they are concerned about a dog on the premises. Take your dog to the park when the house is being viewed, or make arrangements with a neighbor to take your dog if there is a showing while you are at work.

Tip #2: Leave No Mess Behind

You need to stay on top of yard clean-up the entire time your home is on the market. Keep in mind some potential buyers may peek over fences on through windows before calling their agent, so you don't want them to step in a pile of dog droppings. Also, stay on top of daily cleaning. Vacuum, sweep, and dust every day to keep shed hair at a minimum.

Tip #3: Put Away Your Dog's Stuff

Before anyone shows for a home tour, take a few minutes to stash dog dishes and toys out of sight. This includes leashes, pet crates, and dog beds, too. For some people, the reminder that a dog lives in the house can turn them off to the property before they have a chance to tour it and check it out.

Tip #4: List Wisely

Your realtor will likely take lots of photographs of your home to feature in online sales portals and on property flyers. Stage the home just as you would for a showing – make sure neither your dog or their belongings are in any of the pictures. If your home is particularly dog friendly, such as near a walking trail or a dog park, make sure your realtor lists this, as well. Other dog owners are more likely to overlook a stray pet hair when touring your home.

Contact a local real estate agent for more tips on preparing your home for listing.