Life is much more fun when you live with a buddy. One of the best friends to live with is your dog. Dogs love to see you coming home and never tire of your company. Plus, there are never any arguments about splitting the bills (they are all yours). If you have a golden retriever, you want to make sure to keep them in a space where they are happy. If you need to find a new place, here are some tips on finding the perfect bachelor/ette pad for you and your golden BFF. 

Look for a large master bedroom 

Whether your golden retriever likes to sleep in your bed or they prefer their own little abode, you will need a little bit more room. Look for an apartment or home for rent that has a master bedroom large enough to fit a king-sized bed or a bed of your own plus the bed for your retriever. Golden retrievers are often between 50 and 70 pounds depending on whether the animal is a male or female. You want to make sure that the room is spacious enough for both of you to sleep and walk around together. 

Move near a pond and park

Golden retrievers tend to love playing sports. Many like to be in the water and on land playing fetch and other games. Make sure that your apartment home is located near a large park that allows dogs or near a fresh water pond. Having plenty of entertainment available nearby will help keep your animals energy levels healthy and make it easy for you to access exercise for the both of you. If you do not have an outside space of your own, be sure that a lawn or a dog run is available within a short walk. 

Pick a neighborhood with plenty of people

When it comes to social butterfly's, golden retrievers lead the pack. Golden dogs tend to like other humans and will behave in a friendly manner when they are happy and well trained. For this reason, you can live in the suburbs or even the middle of the city with your golden retriever without fear. Move to a neighborhood that has a dog park, large sidewalks, and other places that people like to stroll. Be sure to allow them plenty of time outside to socialize with other people and dogs so that your animal does not get antsy and begin negative behaviors, such as barking. Contact a business, such as ABA Rental Properties Inc, for more information.