Staging your home and boosting curb appeal is an important part of selling your home in autumn. Homes that look good to buyers may attract more people, sell faster, and have a higher sale price. The following tips will help you improve the appearance of your property, which will help you sell your house this fall.

Rake the Leaves

Piles of leaves are fun for the kids, but they're an eye sore on your lawn. Leaf piles also remind home buyers of lawn work, and can make your home look like it requires a lot of fall maintenance. Maintain a pristine lawn while selling your home by raking the leaves and removing them from sight.

Remove Dead Landscaping

Annuals planted in the summer will likely be dead by late fall. Left in your yard, these plants can make your home look poorly maintained. Remove summer annuals when they start to look shriveled or brown; don't wait until they're fully dead. Once the annuals have been removed, your garden beds may look a bit barren. If possible, replace your annuals with fall-blooming perennials to add color to your property and fill the empty spaces in your garden.

Decorate Tastefully

Autumn is a time when many homeowners break out the fake spider webs to decorate. Fake spider webs can make it difficult to see details about your house and lawn, which could potentially deter buyers. If you wish to decorate for the season, keep your decorations tasteful and subtle. A garland of leaves strung up on your fence, a display of gourds by your front door, and some cinnamon scented candles inside are the kind of decorations that will make your home seem cozy and inviting this autumn.

Light Up Your Home

Now that the days are getting shorter, it will be more important than ever to light up the inside and outside of your home. A well-lit property may look more inviting to buyers and will help them be able see your property when they come by to see your home after work. Be sure to replace any light bulbs that have burned out in your home and add extra lamps to your rooms if necessary. Install solar powered garden bed lights to light up your lawn.

For more information about how you can stage your property and boost curb appeal this autumn, speak with a real estate agent in your area.