If you are looking to purchase an oceanfront home but aren't sure what your budget is, you will want to meet with a real-estate agent to find out what you can afford, what you will need to get, and what your options are. You want to be prepared to buy a home on the oceanfront before you start looking at actual properties, and you want to know what type of responsibilities you'll have when you purchase this type of property. Here are a few things to do before you start setting up appointments and tours.

Get Requirements from a Real-Estate Agent

Talk with the real-estate agent to find out what type of insurance you will need for an oceanfront property, what type of HOA fees you should expect in the community where you want to buy a home, and what type of property taxes you could be paying to live on the water. When the real-estate agent provides you with this information, which can be more costly because of living on the ocean, you can find out what your realistic budget will be for the property.

Get Approved

Talk with a local lender or a lender that you want to use about getting a pre-approval letter to start looking at houses. This allows you to find out how much you can spend, and the sellers will take your offers more seriously when they see you have already been approved by a financial institution. Once you're approved, you'll know how much you'll have to put down on the loan as well.

Make a Realistic Wish List

Make a list of things that you have to have and that you want to have so the real-estate agent can prioritize what type of houses to show you and which will be the most desirable for you. If there are things you know you can't go without, then make sure you explain this to your real-estate agent as you browse through the list of houses they give you.

If you are ready to own an oceanfront home, and you want to wake up every day looking at the tides coming in, it's time to find a real-estate agent so you can find your dream home. There are a lot of options from condos to attached houses and more that the agent can start to send you to so you can find the oceanfront home that is right for you.