If you have spent your years working in Chicago, Boston, New York, or some other large city that gets buried with snow, and you are ready to retire to a warm place where you never again have to worry about icy roads, digging your car out from a mound of snow, or just the daily bone chilling winter days, then choose wisely. You want a city that has a lot going for it, but also has great weather. However, not all warm weather cities are alike. Maybe you like the desert climate, but perhaps you prefer a tropical climate that puts you close to the water. So, here are two popular cities to check out.

Tucson, Arizona

If you want warm weather, but don't like humidity, then Tucson is a great place. It's located in Arizona and has a dry climate, but not too dry. While it's still technically a desert climate, there is a fair amount of rain, due to the relatively high elevation of the area. The area has had snowfall, including a newsworthy 2-inch dusting that set records. For people who have spent years suffering through Midwestern or Northeastern blizzards, that will be a piece of cake. Most of the time, however, it's dry and warm.

The city is enormous and you will never run out of things to do. If you prefer to not own a single-family home, you can look into retirement communities. These are planned urban developments in the Tucson area that cater to retirees. You can find townhouse arrangements, or even condo setups.

If you like exploring nature, you can head out and enjoy the Tucson mountain range or the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, where you can see bobcats and other desert animals.

Delray, Florida

If you prefer a more tropical atmosphere, and would like to be close to the water, then a perfect spot if Delray, Florida. The city has over two miles of gorgeous beachfront right along the Atlantic Ocean. To the south, is the very exclusive area of Boca Raton.

There are large waterfront homes, but if you are tried of the maintenance required with a large home, you might look into one of the really cool waterfront condos. These will give you a fantastic view of the ocean, put you right near the beach, and also remove all of the headaches that owning a big house cause (you won't have to worry about patching a leaky roof, climbing  up to clean gutters, or work on the creaky stairs).

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