When you list your home with a real estate broker, the broker will try to schedule as many showings as possible for your home. On these days, you should try to have your house looking as presentable as possible. This will help give potential buyers a better first impression. Here are four last-minute things you may want to do each day you have a showing scheduled.

Bake some bread

The smell of something baking in the oven can make an entire house smell great and very inviting. Baking a loaf of yeast bread is a great option, but you could also bake banana bread or apple pie. If you do this, just be certain nothing spills out inside the oven as it bakes as this can leave a burnt smell in your home.

Get some fresh flowers

Adding a bouquet of fresh flowers is another great touch to add to your home, and a good place to put this is on your coffee table in your living room. If you do not have a coffee table, place the bouquet somewhere central in the house so people will see it and possibly even smell the fresh aroma of flowers.

Get rid of the pets

If you have pets, such as a cat, dog, or even a hamster, get rid of them for the day and any evidence of your pet. You may want to drop the pet off at a neighbor's house, or you could take it with you if you are just leaving your house during the scheduled showing. Pets can have bad odors and can even leave bad impressions on people who view your home.

Open up your curtains and blinds

There is nothing like natural light in a home, and trying to add as much natural light to your house during showings can leave a better impression. To do this, open up all your window treatments, including your curtains and blinds. Do this in every room, and make sure you have cleaned your windows ahead of time so they do not look dirty or dingy. To make your home brighter, you may even want to leave certain lights on in some of the rooms, especially if you have any types of highlight light fixtures, such as one that illuminates your fireplace mantel.

To learn more about this, talk to your real estate broker. Your broker can give you more tips and ideas as to how to make your home look even nicer on showing days.