When you move in your pre-owned home in Encanterra golf community you will of course want to do upgrades that will make your home a more comfortable environment for everyone you have living in the home, but you may also want to keep resell value in mind as well. There are some changes you can make that will really help move your home off the market if you decide to sell and that will help to raise its worth. Here are a few examples of upgrades that can really help when you go to resell at some point:

You can really come out ahead by putting special touches in the kitchen: If you have a small kitchen that has more of an old-fashioned feel then you have a lot of areas you can improve on. You can generally open up the kitchen by removing a wall or even a portion of a wall. Once it is opened up, then you can add an island that has its own stove and oven, then convert the space where the stove and oven used to be into more cupboard space.

You can add new lighting, add a fantastic splashboard, get new cupboards, paint, replace old flooring and drop in a new sink and faucet. Every change you make in the kitchen will add to its appeal both for your family and for a future family.

You can create very desirable bathrooms: Bathrooms tend to get a lot of attention from buyers and the ones in your house are sure to get a lot of attention from your family as well. Your house has to have a certain type of layout in order for you to have an easy time opening up your bathroom so it's larger in size, but you can make some changes to add a bit more room without opening walls up.

You can install a pedestal sink and have cabinets put on the wall to create more floor space. You can install a corner tub or even go with a stand-alone shower with nice tile and glass doors. New paint and flooring can also help spruce up a bathroom so it looks great.

Adding natural lighting can make a home feel much more comfortable: If there are ways for you to add extra natural lighting in the house you can make it feel a lot cozier and roomy. If you have a lot of solid walls, consider having some extra windows installed. If you have some small windows in certain rooms, think about having them swapped out for larger ones. Since your home is located in the Encanterra golf community larger windows also promise you gorgeous views of the area around the home.