Rising utility rates and environmental awareness are just two of the many reasons that sustainability and energy efficiency are on the minds of many of today's home buyers. In fact, surveys show that buying an efficient home is high on the list of priorities for Millennial buyers, who currently make up the largest demographic of active home buyers. While many of these buyers have a laundry list of sustainable features they hope to find in the home they eventually buy, a home powered by solar energy is often the ultimate goal. . 

Marketing your solar power home

When selling a home equipped with solar power, homeowners should expect prospective buyers to have many questions. In addition to seeing the actual energy savings from solar power, interested buyers will also want to know specific information about the solar power system in the home, including: 

  • the type and age of the panels
  • the size of the battery array and the amount of power it can store
  • any condition or installation details that affect the actual output of the panels
  • the actual amount of energy savings the home sees from the use of solar power

Since many changes and improvements have occurred in the solar power industry over the past few decades, homeowners should be sure to include detailed information about any upgrades their system has undergone and be willing to welcome inspections by a qualified solar power installer. 

Selling a home with a solar lease

As the use of solar power has become more mainstream, many homeowners have opted to sign a solar lease agreement as a way to add solar power to their home in a more affordable manner. When selling a home with a solar lease, however, they will need to be prepared for additional questions from prospective buyers. 

Buyers will want to know complete details about how the solar lease program works and the company that provides the lease. Sellers should also be willing to provide them with complete details about any warranties or maintenance agreements. Owners of solar homes should also make sure that they include complete information about their solar power system when completing their seller's disclosure documents. 

Since obtaining a mortgage for a home with a solar power lease can be more difficult, sellers may want to also  offer prospective buyers information about special home loan options, such as the Federal Housing Administration's Energy Efficient Mortgage program. 

For even more good advice about marketing a solar home, homeowners are encouraged to select a listing agent with a successful record of selling homes with energy efficient designs and features.