The yard and outside of your house are the first things buyers see when driving up to view it. The good feeling that the outside of the home and the yard gives off is commonly referred to as 'good curb appeal'. It is a well-known fact in real estate that you have a much better chance of selling your home when you woo them from the outside and continue to do so through the inside. Here are some of the things you can do around the outside of your home to stage it in a way that can really help buyers fall in love with it:

Put a power washer to good use

The very first thing you want to do is to make sure you clean the entire exterior of the home, including the fence and the curb in the street to the driveway and the walkway. Using a power washer to clean these things up can really help to give the front of your home a fresher and cleaner appearance that will help make it more appealing to those who come to see your house with the intention of possibly purchasing it.

Give anything that needs it a fresh coating of paint

Don't overlook anything when it comes to pealing and chipping paint. Along with making sure the exterior of your home is looking good, you should even make sure the fence, plant containers, painted birdbath, garden statues and anything else that needs it also has fresh coatings of paint. While something small may seem like it wouldn't be a big deal when the paint is chipping off of something it can turn into the focal point that a person's eyes are the most drawn to and this would be a shame.

Add fresh mulch to the flower beds

You may be amazed at just how much a new layer of fresh mulch can bring your flower bed back to life. The fresh color helps the plants and flowers to stand out more than before. It also shows that you are a consciences person when it comes to keeping up with all the little details regarding yard and home maintenance.

Stay on top of any water features in the yard

If you have a pond, fountain, bird bath or other water feature in your yard, you want to make sure it looks well-kept. Make sure you remove any leaves that have blown in the water and get rid of signs of algae or other visible issues.

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