When discussing the idea of buying a house with your family, you may find out that your entire household is interested, and you may also learn a lot about their wants and needs. If you find out that your family does not want to worry too much about upkeep, you should take your time with house hunting so that you can find several features that will help accomplish this goal. 


An area worth looking at is the landscape because you can find properties that demand upkeep every day and others that barely need any attention throughout the year. Skipping the traditional grass lawn is worth considering because then you will not have to worry about mowing it often or making sure that it gets watered several times throughout the week. 

While a dirt yard may not be the most attractive, you will appreciate that it does not require much attention to keep it looking the same all year long. If you want to have a few trees on your property, you should prioritize native ones because they will be easier to keep healthy. 


While you can put time and effort into maintaining any floor type inside your house, you may want to prioritize solid hardwood flooring for several reasons. While tile flooring is also quite durable, you will not have to worry about replacing the grout with hardwood. 

Another perk that comes with hardwood flooring is that when it becomes excessively worn down over the years, you can just refinish the surface and make it look brand-new again. Since you can do this with solid hardwood many times, you will likely never have to replace the floors. 


While you may not intend to walk around your house and touch the walls as you pass through each room, you should not underestimate the potential for walls to get dirty. If you have children and pets in the house, you may find that they can play a major role in dirtying walls, which means you cannot go wrong with prioritizing durable and easy-to-clean walls. 

Although a flat finish on some walls is normally okay for most families, you may want to demand glossy finishes since semi-gloss and glossier finishes are quite easy to clean. Knowing that you can scrub paw prints, markers, and fingerprints off the walls should give you peace of mind. 

Demanding these kinds of features is exactly what you should do when you are determined to enjoy low-upkeep living with your family in the single family home that you buy.