You may be in the process of finding a real estate agent to buy a new house. You may also be wanting to sell your existing house so it helps to have an agent with experience in both. Real estate agents don't all specialize in the same areas, however, so it's a good idea to make sure you hire a residential real estate firm instead of one that specializes in commercial real estate.

Why should you make sure you hire a residential real estate firm instead of any agent with experience? Here are reasons why you should make sure to work with an agent who specializes in helping their clients sell or buy a new home.

They Specialize In Home Sales

The top reason why you should hire a residential real estate firm instead of an agent who looks good on paper is, they have extensive experience in helping clients sell or buy homes. While a commercial real estate agent typically does hold a similar license in your state to help clients buy or sell any type of property, they don't usually specialize in home sales. Their expertise is geared toward commercial properties like retail stores and industrial buildings.

A residential real estate firm has the knowledge and experience in home sales, and they know what to look for based on what their clients tell them they need or want in a home. They have an extensive network that they can access regularly to find new homes just on the market, and they can negotiate a better deal for their clients based on their knowledge of the area they work in.

They Can Help You Find Rentals Or Renters

Since a residential real estate firm is so well-versed in helping to sell or buy homes within specific areas, they can also help renters find new places to live as well. A commercial real estate firm knows how to look for and find businesses looking to rent large buildings for their company. Home renters' needs are different, and residential real estate firms can help their clients find the right home or apartment to rent based on their knowledge of the area they work in.

For homeowners looking to rent out a second home or apartment to a renter, there is no better asset for them to use than a residential real estate firm. They know how to market your home and know how to vet potential renters to ensure you get the best possible people to rent your home.

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