Buying a home is something your family may be interested in doing after living in a rental for years. An ideal scenario is when you learn a ton about what you want and need in a home from the rental to help you narrow down features and qualities while house hunting.

An excellent example is deeming ample parking necessary because your family may have multiple cars and you often invite guests. So, you can follow a few tips on shopping for a home to narrow down properties and eventually buy one with this particular quality.


A smart move is to look at garages. This feature will provide the most protected parking, which you may want to get for most or all of your family's vehicles. A two-car or three-car garage is worth prioritizing over a one-car garage for its extra space and flexibility.

When you get a multi-car garage with your home purchase, you may feel confident knowing that your household can always park inside the garage.


Another feature worth analyzing is the driveway. Many properties will come with a driveway, especially one that leads to the garage. But this feature will vary greatly in length and width.

Finding properties with driveways that can fit a couple of cars and others that can fit a dozen or more cars comfortably is possible. A smart move is to determine how many guests you invite over regularly and on rare occasions. Then, you can first look around for properties with a large enough driveway to accommodate every guest parking there.

When you cannot find a suitable home with a driveway that can fit everyone, you can look for one that accommodates parking for your typical guest count.


An alternative to driveway parking is street parking. In some locations, parking on the street can cost money or not be a viable option because the road and area are often busy. But you will also find properties with quiet streets and ample parking where your guests can park comfortably.

When you find a fitting place with a huge driveway, you may not need to think much about street parking. But the property listings with smaller driveways are worth looking at the street parking situation because it may be able to alleviate your guest parking concerns and goals.

Use these tips to buy a home you know has enough parking for your family and guests. 

For more info, look at homes for sale in your area.